Installing Software


General Installation procedure:


It is Microsoft’s recommendation that the Add/Remove Programs control panel be used for adding or removing software. See: HOW TO: Add Components and Programs to Your Computer in Windows 2000


The EECS Windows domain publishes software to your Add/Remove Programs control panel if you are logged into the domain.  To install software login to the target Windows machine in the EECS domain using your EECS domain account.


Go to: Start → Settings → Control Panel → Add/Remove Programs.


On the left hand side of the Add/Remove Programs window, click on 'Add New Programs'.  At the bottom, you will see numerous software packages in the 'Add programs from your network' box.  In the 'Category' box, select the 'Normal' category.  Highlight the software package you want to install and click on the 'Add' button.  The software package will then install.




Normally administrative privilege is needed to install software.  Microsoft has provided the Microsoft Installer (MSI) service as a work around for this. The MSI service elevates privilege for installers published from the Add/Remove Software control panel thus allowing a non-privileged user to install software.  Software is natively packaged using the MSI service, or can be repackaged to do so, with some exceptions.


The following software can't be repackaged for publishing with the MSI service.  This software is published to your Add/Remove Software control panel using a different service that does not allow for elevated privilege.  You need administrative privilege to install it.



To configure administrative privilege on your machine you must already have local administrative privilege.  Then, do the following:



To install these packages, follow the normal installation procedure documented above, but select the 'Priv' category instead of the 'Normal' category when selecting software in the Add/Remove Programs control panel.


To remove administrative privilege from your domain account, simply reverse the above procedure.


Netscape 4.76, because of an inherent design flaw, can take up to two hours to work correctly for unprivileged users.  Why is that?




The actual software packages live on the Windows Software Warehouse, or \\winsww.  The path is \\winsww\sww\public\, but it should not be necessary to browse this unless one has administrative privilege on one's machine and wishes to customize the installation of a software package.  The source from which the MSI packages were compiled is located in the \src directory where the related MSI package lives.


\\winsww\sww is a DFS root. Research groups who wish to run their own software warehouses for non-site-licensed software, for example, are invited to have IDSG set up a DFS link off \\winsww to their shares.