Install W2K via RIS
(Remote Install Service)


Please Note:





o       NIC/BIOS combination that supports PXE or

o       remote installation boot disk.

o       Insert a formatted 3.5” floppy into a host that is already supported on the EECS domain.

o       Click this link, \\winsww\sww\public\ris\rbfg.exe, click open and the utility will run.  Or copy the path into the Run command prompt from the Start menu.

o       The RBFG utility loads a network client onto the floppy capable of connecting your host to the RIS server.  However your host’s NIC must be supported in the Adapter List.  To see the Adapter List run the RBFG utility.


If your host does not meet these prerequisites, follow the directions for installing off the CD.


Installing the OS:


Boot the target host off either the NIC or the remote installation boot disk and follow the onscreen instructions.  Remember to remove the remote installation boot disk once the installer starts.