Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a fixed IP?

All Windows machines in EECS are required to be DHCP clients.  There are no exceptions to this policy.  If you require a fixed IP we can configure the DHCP server to assign one to your system, given a reasonable justification.  Make the request using the form.  Indicate in the comments field a reasonable justification.


The software I want is not on \\winsww. How can I get it?

If you want a package put on \\winsww, send email to idsg@eecs.  Software must be free or site licensed to live on \\winsww\sww\public.


Netscape 4.76 installed properly from the Add/Remove control panel but it doesn't work. Why is this?

See Netscape 4.76.


How do I connect to a printer?

See Windows 2000 Printing on IRIS.


There is not a print queue on \\print for the printer I want to use.  What do I do?

See IRIS Network Page. Click on the ‘Register a new system’ link. Authenticate using your ldap user name and password. Check ‘Yes’ for the ‘Is it a printer?’ radio button. Complete the steps to submit the form. Hostmaster will contact you when your printer has been assigned an IP address and an IDSG staff member will contact you when the new print queue has been built on \\print. Then follow the steps above for Windows 2000 Printing.


How do I access my Unix home directory from Windows?

See File Storage Services on IRIS.


How do I access my Windows home directory from Unix?

See File Storage Services on IRIS.


What kinds of machines can be added to the EECS Windows 2000 domain?

See Joining the EECS Domain on IRIS.


How do I access domain resources on a Win9x or WinME machine?

See Drive Mapping (WIN9X/ME) on IRIS.


How do I access domain resources on a Windows NT4 or 2000 machine that isn't in the domain?

See Drive Mapping (Windows 2000) on IRIS.


What are machine accounts?

See What are machine accounts? on IRIS.