Who to Call


Always contact your system administrator first with any requests or problems.


If you do not have a system administrator or your system administrator is not on the above list, contact the EECS helpdesk by:



If you are still not sure what to do, you can choose from the following:


Email cusg@eecs for assistance with machine under CUSG contract or for machines that are not under contract for support on a time and materials, pay as you go, basis.


Email inst@eecs for assistance with machines in the instructional labs in Soda Hall or in 111, 117, 123 and 199 Cory Hall.


Email labfix@eecs for assistance with machines in other labs in Cory Hall or classrooms and multimedia rooms in Soda Hall and Cory Hall.


Contact with IDSG should be limited. IDSG does not directly support end-users.